Kayise Ngqula speaks on staying emotionally strong following the death of her loved ones



Kayise Ngqula is really having a tough time recently as things are not going as she planned.

The star has lost a lot of people most especially the death of her husband, Farai Sibanda in a car accident in 2019

Although its been two years but she is still battling to cope with the news of her husband’s death and her loved ones.

According to her post, she has been working on herself for the last few months but January 7 has been the emotionally tough one for her.

Kayise said what sent her anxiety levels high was hearing of her loved ones succumbing to the coronavirus.

She concluded by saying her only wish is that we never allow anything to ever take away the joy of knowing that we overcame.

Kayise captioned: “Today has been one of those emotionally tough ones… my anxiety is properly shot. I’ve done all I can in the past few months to work on feeding my mind with all the positivity I can ( and I intend to continue) but today was hard. From being worried about a loved who is fighting the virus to hearing the news of loss of a loved one of someone I care about… it is dark but we will find light again. My only wish is that once we do we never allow anything to ever take away the joy of knowing that we overcame.”

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