Watch: Sjava opens up on the rape allegations and how it affected his career



Sjava has not been the same ever since his ex lover, Lady Zamar accused him of rape.

The issue went on for more than two years which cost him a lost and also affected his career.

However, he still did not give up as he continued to get stronger day by day.

The musician shared that it had been a scary and disturbing time for him.

The case has been settled and thrown out of court, the musician is ready to open up about how Lady Zamar’s rape accusation affected his life.

Sjava opened up about the rape allegation and how it affected his life in an interview.

The muso said that he had begun to doubt himself and his role in the entertainment industry.

He went on to say that he would not wish allegations like that levelled against anyone who did not deserve it.

The musician said that he will continue trying to heal and move on from the saga.

Watch video below:


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