9 healthy habits you should adopt this year



Last year was one of the toughest years we’ve had to endure. From changing our lifestyles, to social distancing and an economic dip, most people were forced to live one day at a time.

Although 2020 proved a difficult year, it also taught us valuable lessons that we not only need to take care of our health both physically and mentally but we also need to learn how to enjoy our own companies.

Granted, here are some healthy habits you should adopt this year:

1. Reach your target steps per day

On average a healthy person should take at least 4000 steps a day. It is important to exercise your muscles avoid fatigue and general body weakness.

You can install an app on your phone or have a smart watch than can help you count the number of steps you take per day and work on getting better.

2. Eight hours of sleep

Just like any other living being your body and mind needs rest. Ensure to have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night so your body can rejuvenate.

When you don’t get enough sleep you wake up tired and your whole day might remain sluggish not to mention all the mood swings.

3. 8 glasses of water

As you grow older, your system changes and it is important to adopt habits that can make it easier for your body to stay healthy.

Taking enough water is important to help your body flush out toxins that are likely to cause inflammation and acne.

4. Minutes of meditation

Take at least six to ten minutes off your day, every day to have a mindful meditation on your life in general.

This will help you appreciate the positive experiences, empower you and find a way to get rid of the negativity in your life.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

It is said your body gives out what you feed it, treat it well and it will give you kindness.

Junk food may be generally sweet and enticing but it does not nourish your body nor mind, always eat fruits and vegetables that are likely to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

6. Take breaks to stretch and focus on your mental state

On average the human brain can concentrate on a task for approximately 90 minutes before you start getting distracted.

Always give yourself intermittent breaks to stretch, have a snack, go to the bathroom or meditate to break the monotony and keep you rejuvenated.

7. Do not skip meals

Ensure you take all three meals a day and an added three healthy snacks in between.

As established earlier, your body as well as you mind needs nourishing and eating regularly keeps you full and reduces chances of overeating junk food when you get the chance.

8. Have a no phone policy before bed

You need at least 8 hours of sleep, staying up late on your phone’s blue screen restrains the production of melatonin.

A hormone responsible for your sleeping and waking up circle, which will in turn interfere with your productivity during the day.

9. Exercise at least once a day

Regular exercise keeps your heart healthy and reduces your risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore working out also improves quality of life as you will be more active and productive throughout the day, every day.

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