4 mistakes that lead to boredom in a relationship



A number of people get really bored and fed up with their relationships after a while.

Not because they’ve fallen out of love but because there’s no thrill anymore. There’s no excitement. Everything is routine. There’s nothing new anymore.

This is what we are trying to avoid. Here are 4 mistakes you should avoid to prevent your relationship from becoming boring:

1. Doing the same things

Its normal to always go for the tried and tested things. Going to the same restaurants. Doing the same things during date nights or when y’all meet up. It’s easier to do this cuz you both already like them but being monotonous is what will kill the relationship. Once in a while try something new together. It creates a spark between you two and will allow some excitement to still exist in the relationship.

2. Giving up on your personal goals

If you start to think that your relationship will sustain you then you’re sorely mistaken. You need to keep pushing for your personal goals. All the things you want and the life that you want to live is motivation enough PLUS it makes your life much more interesting and gives both of you something to chat about.

3. Forgetting about flirting

Don’t forget that sex doesn’t have to be a 5-10 minutes thing and then it’s over. Keep flirting with each other. Be playful. You know how y’all were in the beginning? Yeah… keep doing that. This makes the relationship much more fun. Nobody wants to be serious all the time.

4. Spending all your time together

Trust me. This spells disaster. Even married couples go to their separate places of work and get involved with other things and then come back home in the evenings. This point was even reinforced during the lockdown period when couples were complaining about each other online because they were basically tired of each other. You do not need to spend every waking moment with your partner. Give yourselves space at times. It helps you have fresh stories to talk about and let’s you miss them and so you appreciate them even more.

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