7 appropriate ways to behave on a first date



First dates can be so tricky. Many get so nervous that they end up making a mess of things.

While some on the other hand over impress and make fail to keep up in the long run.

The following tips can help you get over the jitters of the first date with ease. Here’s a list of them below:

1. Be on time

Being late even with a valid excuse gives the impression that you don’t value the time the other person allotted for that date. Arrive on time, or better yet, a few minutes earlier.

2. Be yourself

The nerve-wracking preparation for a first date gives a tendency for people to overdo things in order to make a good impression. This often leads to things getting awkward during the actual date because people put up an act that doesn’t fit their usual self.

3. Be calm

Try not to overthink things. You need to calm down to avoid messing things up for yourself. Just let things run their natural course. This way, you find your “groove” and focus on the actual moment, not on what the other person might think of every move you make.

4. Be attentive to your date

This means being sensitive if they are comfortable with the location, the food, and the topics you converse about. You don’t need to ask your date if they’re okay every minute, but it’s about taking in non-verbal cues that suggest if she’s bored or uncomfortable.

5. Keep the touches friendly and casual

Though not forbidden to touch on the first date, it is advisable that these touches lean towards the friendly and harmless side. A friendly tap on the shoulder or a touch of the arm for reassurance but nothing more. Wait for your date to take the touching up to the next level before you respond in kind.

6. Use our sense of humor

The best way to make the date memorable and enjoyable is by filling it with laughter. If you consider yourself the comedian then use the moment to charm your date with your sense of humor. Girls in particular are endeared to a guy with a good sense of humor. Guys on the other hand, also think a funny lady is a sexy lady. One word of advice: keep the jokes smart and appropriate.

7. Avoid drinking too much

First dates more or less involve alcohol but that doesn’t mean that you should imbibe more than you can handle. Not only that being dead drunk makes you incapable of proper conversation, it also leads you to acts that may or may not land you into prison.

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