“I don’t do dependence, it’s not up my alley” – Boity Thulo



Boity Thulo has taken to her social media to get real about her love life.

The star shared that she love been independent but also has to be “taken care of” by a man.

The media personality mentioned that she would rather spend her hard-earned cash on her grandparents than 15 Birkin bags.

Boity also said it is the duty off her man to give her whatever she wants but she still has to be independent.

Boity tweeted: “Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being taken care of by a man who’s got his sh! t together. But I don’t do dependence. It’s not up my alley”

“It’s not really about wanting it … it’s about knowing you deserve it. That’s when you’ve tapped into the law of attraction,” Boity said.

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