Boity proposes marriage to Maps Maponyane


Boity Thulo is set to give fans what they’ve longed for, as she proposes marriage to Maps Maponyane.

For some years now, the duo have been rumored to be dating, and there are times they make the rumors seem real with sizzling photos.

Taking to Twitter few days ago. the rapper says Black Twitter ancestors are keen to seeing them tie the knot.

“According to the Black Twitter Dlozis, it seems we should be getting married one of these days. @MapsMaponyane, I’ll find an altar in the meantime.”

Later on that same day, Boity claims she’s without man. She informed her ancestors that she’s patiently waiting for the man prepared for her.

“My Dlozis have given me a career that is beyond my wildest prayers. They have financially provided for me in the most satisfactory way. The only thing that they haven’t brought my way is the man that they prepared for me. And I have all the Patience!”

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