6 things men do only when they are crazy about you



When you start falling for someone, it’s exciting, but also terrifying.

You’re not sure if he feels the same way back, and you’re looking for signs while also attempting stop the red flags.

Here are some signs that you can let that guard down and finally relax with the knowledge that he wants you for keeps. Check them below!

1. He does not look at cellulite and stretch marks -he finds you beautiful not in spite of your flaws, but with his mind is beautiful. Now this is a real man.

2. He tells you what you don’t want to hear, but he tells you what you need to hear. This man does not forget your lines, and means that he really cares for you and is best interested in listening to you.

3. He’ll do spa nights with you. Yes, he will go to spas and get that mani/pedi and green tea mask with you, without shame that guy friends will see. Now that’s true love – has just wants to do what makes you happy.

4. Similarly, he’ll even go shopping with you. Those are usually husband or serious boyfriend duties (guys hate going shopping) so if he’s down to participate in the retail therapy, he wants to spend time with you even when most would want to escape.

5. He doesn’t even notice when your hot friends or beautiful women are around you. It’s like a friend wearing a horse blinder (in a good way) that never makes you jealous.

6. He admits that he’s scared of something to you… admitting that far is big for you guys, whether it’s about something emotional or physical.

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