3 things unhappy people do in relationships



While these are easy, obvious pointers to an unhappy partner, sometimes, it takes a whole lot of sensitivity for you to know when your man or woman is going through a gloomy patch.

In any case, it is important to realise that what your partner is going through in that moment does not mean they no longer love you.

As humans, people go through all the emotional motions. It is only normal. It does not always mean that they are fed up of the relationship.

We need to be careful not to attribute changes in the nature of the relationship, our emotions, or their emotions, to falling out of love.

With that being said, these are some of the signs that show that a partner is going through a phase of unhappiness.

1. Avoidance

When a partner checks out and no longer shows the level of emotional involvement they used to show before, you should be a little worried about them.

2. Rather be alone

Allowing your partner enjoy private moments is very necessary. We couldn’t possibly speak more on the importance of maintaining individuality and cherishing ‘me time’ while in relationships. However, if there is more and more of this, it could be a telltale sign of unhappiness and could detrimental to the relationship.

3. Distancing

When there feels to be a misfit, a distance that despite our efforts to come together is growing farther apart, it is possible that the relationship has indeed come to a point of no return.

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