Hamilton Ndlovu to pay over R36 million tax after flaunting his luxury assets



South African businessman, Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu lands in the hands of South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) after flaunting his luxurious assets in 2020.

In May 2020, when Lockdown was intense in the country, the 32-year-old acquired some expensive whips valued at about R10.5-million.

The businessman flaunted the lavish lifestyle on social media, and it brought him to limelight, which also caught SARS’ attention.

Afterwards, some of his assets got seized, account frozen, as it’s assumed he’s owing tax.

As described by the judge: “Apparently, there are people at SARS who trouble to follow social media. They looked into his tax affairs and were impressed that Ndlovu had spared SARS the burden of reading any tax returns since 2016. They referred the big spender to the Illicit Economy Unit who have a keen interest in mismatched income and expenditure phenomena.”

The revenue service also found that Ndlovu owed tax for the 2017 to 2021 years of R36.84-million, of which R23,341,292 was only due in 2021.

South African social media users have made the saga a topic of discussion, as many reacted.