5 ways to identify an emotionally unavailable woman in a relationship



Entering into a relationship with hints of uncertainty can be tricky. If you are not sure about your partner being committed to the relationship entirely, then you might just want to halt for some time.

Reflect on your partner’s actions and critically analyse if they are showing signs of being ’emotionally unavailable.’

If you’re wondering that your woman, despite your efforts, is not open to discussing her emotions, then these signs of an emotionally unavailable woman might just help you to identify one. Read on to know.

1. Avoids transparent discussions

You will find her to be very squeamish around discussions that involve your future together or even while solving problems. She will find ways to avoid the discussion by displaying excuses of being busy at work or just being unwell. You might feel left out because chances are that she may not consider your emotions as well.

2. Asking for alone time, way too much

Having space in a relationship is important to retain our individual identities, but again, asking for too much of it can mean that your partner is bothered by intimacy. She will find discomfort from being invested in the relationship way too much. Her primary concern will be her independence.

3. Won’t label the relationship

This is a major red flag where your partner might try to pretend to not be in a relationship whereas, in reality, she is. She will try all possible means to show others that she isn’t in a serious relationship. This is not a healthy relationship at all, since she is denying the reality of commitment.

4. Looks for faults in everything

Every little mistake becomes a huge matter for pointing fingers at one another. An emotionally unavailable woman will look to find faults in their partners so that she can use the mistakes to her advantage. And so, she seeks perfection in almost everything, as a means of justification for her lousy behaviour.

5. Never compromising on their needs

Whether you accept it or not, a relationship is about the compromises you make. Both the partners should be able to compromise a little bit, in order to make their relationship successful. However, if your woman refuses to compromise her time and schedule for you at all, then it means that they are always up for controlling the relationship to their own advantage. She will always want the relationship to revolve around her.

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