5 common mistakes people make when choosing a life partner



The biggest decision in your life is choosing a life partner because you have to find someone who you can connect with for the rest of your whole life. Since this is a huge decision and we tend to make mistakes along the way.

What is it that decides our destiny and how we go about choosing a life partner? What are the common mistakes people make when choosing a life partner?

Take a read through this article so you don’t make these mistakes and share your thoughts if you navigated through these and found your life partner.

1. Be open minded

When looking to date, people can get themselves in the wrong frame of mind very quickly. We often hear people say that they want someone ‘tall dark and handsome’ only to actually choose someone short and blonde. So don’t have fixed ideas and stereotypes in your head – be open minded and let chemistry take over – trust your own feelings, they are usually spot on.

2. Don’t rush

Sometimes we have a fixed idea in our heads about timescales or parents or close family members can also be an influence. The number of times we hear people say, “I must be married and settled by age 25 (or 30,35 or 40)”. In actual fact you don’t have to listen to your own self concept telling you this. It is actually much better to be searching for ‘the one’ at 40 than being married to someone entirely unsuitable and being terribly unhappy.

3. Don’t ever emphasise destiny

Don’t over emphasise destiny and choose from a narrow circle of friends or potential dates that you know and are available. It’s more important to use analysis, guidance from a professional and careful planning. When searching for your life partner. Rather than compromising and rushing in to something from a narrow circle of people because they are available and easily accessible.

4. Don’t believe that love is enough

Being in love can be wonderful but those fires of passion can quickly burn out. And will there be enough left to sustain the relationship? Do you have enough shared interests? Are you keeping in touch with friends? Are you happy with yourself as a person away from this relationship too? Being in love is a vital ingredient to a wonderful relationship, but there should be other components as well.

5. Make up your own mind

When you’re in a relationship, friends and family all might have views as to whether or not this person is exactly right for you. But only you know how you’re truly feeling inside, so yes it’s good to talk things through with others but you must have the final say. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that using a professional Personal Matchmaker can be so advantageous, someone who can help and guide you but dispassionately and with a cool head.

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