Arthur Mafokate defends ex-lover, Chomee against false rumour



Chomee has reacted to a recent report that she received R2 million from the National Arts Council.

Yesterday, the star was all over social media as it was reported that immediately the star received the money, she went ahead to get a new car instead of using it for an online broadcasting project.

Chomee apparently sent out a proposal to the NAC stating that she will need the money for a project of hers called Online Broadcasting Development Programme.

Well, Chomee has come out to say all the news regarding that are “Lies”.

Her ex- lover, Arthur also defended her through his Instagram page.

Denying these claims, Chomee said it is all a big fat LIE and said she bought her luxury car in question, six years ago.


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Arthur Mafokate defended her and said she does not have enough money to take a huge publication to court and sue them, “What’s happens when such false information is peddled about someone whom they know can’t afford lawyers to sue such a BIG newspaper?”


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