Nasty C takes back comments regarding Eminem: ‘I am afraid of you’



Nasty C has finally taken back the comment he made regarding Eminem.

Few days ago, the star bragged a little claiming that he could take Eminem.

Nasty said this through a live chat with his fans.

In the video, Nasty believes that today’s Eminem is not very relatable while he is.

Well, the rapper has come out to retract his comments as he penned an open letter to Eminem to take back what he said and added that he loved and respected the rapper.

The letter read: “Dear Eminem. I love you. If you see the video goin around rn don’t pay no mind to it. Just laugh about it & move on. Ngyak’saba – Spank Daddy.”

Ngyak’saba is the Zulu word for “I am afraid of you.”

See letter below:

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