4 reasons why you get attracted to emotionally unavailable men



Let’s face it, no guy is going to blatantly agree or confess that they are looking for something casual as they could be confused too.

They can take their time in forming a decision prior to making commitments, but where most of the women go wrong is setting higher expectations since the beginning and imagining scenarios in their heads before having ‘the talk’ with their potential partners.

Women are often clear about their intentions and most of the time, it is true. However, men might beat around the bush, test the waters and then form an opinion.

When things get serious or there are talks about long term commitment, men usually chicken out because they simply weren’t available and you are left unseen wondering what went wrong this time.

The trick is to not let emotionally unavailable fool you into dating them, believe in the signs and stay far away. Here are 4 reasons why you get attracted to men who are emotionally unavailable.

1. You love the chase

If you are someone who loves the chase, it is understood that you may feel strongly attracted to men who are emotionally detached. Chasing someone involves a certain thrill and excitement, in the beginning, things don’t seem boring or dull. You want to see the rewards by getting them to like you and the gratification you get after they fall for you is worth the wait.

2. You want to fix them

Apart from the chase, you have an instinct feeling to fix someone who you might think is broken. Instead need to help someone or heal them is an intimate feeling as you may feel closer to them. It brings you closer as you feel you are the only one who can penetrate through the walls they have built around them. However, you need to keep in mind that you can’t fix someone overnight and you certainly cannot force them to be available or ready for a commitment.

3. You like the mystery

As much as you like the chase, you like the mystery too. Mystery adds a spark to the relationship but, in this case, you cannot fool yourself into thinking that the spark will stay alive until the end. Eventually, a person who doesn’t want a relationship will make sure they don’t get into one and the mystery will fade away.

4. You settle for less

At last, the only other reason why you feel attracted to emotionally unavailable men is that you settle for less. You accept the love you think you deserve and this is where you might go wrong. When someone who is emotionally unavailable gives you attention, you instantly feel an attraction because somewhere deep down you resonate with them. It gets easier for you to express yourself and before you know it, you are in a trap.

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