Brenden Praise depressed after album and other projects got stolen


Brenden Praise is heartbroken and claims to be a bit depressed after valuables in his car got stolen.

The South African singer shared his predicament in a tweet on Wednesday.

He said he was on a date with his little girl in Sandton and left his MacBook in his car, but it got stolen.

The MacBook contains his album and other works. He urged fans not to keep valuable item in the car; as his experience has thought him a great lesson.

“My MacBook just got stolen out my car in Sandton, while I was having a coffee date with my Daughter, my Entire Album, and a lot of Mpoomy’s work Gone, Just like that, actually a little depressed right now, anyways stay safe guys and DONT leave Valuables in the car ever!!!!”

Fans empathised with the singer, and some even shared encounter of similar mishap.

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