4 surprising beauty benefits of mango you should know



Mango is known as the king of fruits for a reason. It is not only yummy but also very nutritious, but do you know, with the marvelous taste, mango also offers many beauty benefits for the skin.

This fruit is known to hydrate, nourish and give a natural glow to the skin. And not only this, applying mango pulp on the face gives moisturized and smooth skin. Mango works with both internal and external application.

Here are the 4 beauty benefits of mangoes:

1. UV rays protection

Summers not only bring mangoes but scorching heat and UV rays too. But, mango can help you to fight them. Beta-carotene and vitamin A in mango can reduce the effect of UV rays on your skin. It protects the skin against wrinkles and dullness due to excess sun exposure and also prevents skin cancer.

2. Prevents breakouts

Magnesium and vitamin C present in mango protects the skin from acne & breakouts and, inflammation due to it. But excess consumption may reverse the effects as mango is a fruit with hot potency. And the external application of mango helps to unclog the pores and let the skin breathe.

3. Get the lighter skin tone 

Eating mango regularly in moderate amounts can give a shade lighter skin tone and beautiful radiance to your skin. Just like the previous benefits, the external application of mango can lighten the skin tone with blemish reduction and, give you a healthy glow.

4. Promote collagen formulation & fights premature ageing

Vitamins and antioxidants in mango promote collagen formation and prevent skin sagging and premature ageing. It helps to restore skin elasticity and reduces damaged skin cells and therefore makes you look younger.

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