As per a recent international news report, there is a new variety of mango that’s being sold at $230 or R4,518 per piece.

Apparently, it’s a Japanese mango and the ‘winter special’ variety that 62-year-old Hiroyuki Nakagawa harvests on his farm in Hokkaido’s Otofuke.

Mango is widely called the ‘King of Fruits’, and mostly grown in the summer months.

But, going against all odds, this mango variety has been harvested in cold winter months by this Japanese man.

The result of sustainable farming

Nakagawa, who used to run a petroleum company and has spent years in the oil industry took to his vision of creating something natural out of nature, and thus he took to sustainable farming of mango which he has been doing since 2011 in the Tokachi region of Japan. It was his dream and vision, which nobody believed earlier.

How does he grow these mangoes?

The greenhouse in which Nakagawa grows these mangoes has a temperature of 36 degrees C in the foggy December months, while the outside is freezing at -8 degrees C. He has trademarked the world’s most expensive mango as ‘Hakugin no Taiyo’, which literally translates to ‘Sun in the Snow’ that explains the harvesting conditions.