5 texting signs that indicate he is no longer interested in you



Sure, everything was all happy and rosy in the beginning. You two talked for hours and never ran out of topics. It was all going good, but then suddenly you noticed a shift in his behaviour.

He no longer seems to respond to your texts as promptly as he earlier would. When he does respond, he sends half-hearted replies.

Texting is something that helps you communicate with the other person easily and judge their responses.

If you for some reason feel that a guy no longer seems as interested in you as he was before through his texts, then look out for these 4 telltale signs to figure out if he is losing interest in you

1. He hardly ever texts first

It is mostly you who starts the conversation. If he never initiates the conversation then it is likely that he is not interested in you anymore and would much rather talk to other people instead of talking to you.

2. His replies are short

Whenever you text him, his replies are half-hearted and he usually replies with an emoji or with words as dull as “okay”! It always seems as if he is simply not interested in taking the conversation forward.

3. He never responds instantly

He always takes ages to respond. If he takes hours to respond to your texts or sometimes doesn’t even bother replying, then chances are that he has simply lost interest in you and is not too keen on having a conversation with you.

4. He is always too busy to talk

When you question his half-hearted replies and delayed responses, the only answer that you get from him is that he is “busy”. Even on text, he often tells you not to disturb him as he is too caught up somewhere and is “busy”.

5. Never asks you any questions

He may respond to your questions agreeably but you will find him to never ask any questions about you, in return. He will never even ask you once if you’ve eaten or gotten home safely. All he cares about is himself. He has no business in knowing if you are okay or not.

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