10 latest Gen Z abbreviations that will make you feel old



Gen Zs, those born from 1997 to 2011 have a lot of expressions, both for talking, texting, and even in their online videos.

If you don’t want to be lost when they communicate, then you should have an updated list of what they are saying these days.

This is usually when Gen Zs need to be updated on things. So they will be like, “lmk how it goes.”

This is usually a form of agreement and not really a question. It shows what you are saying makes a lot of sense.

I have to tell you, I didn’t know what this meant for a long time, but it is usually to give you updates on what you missed online.

It is not pronounced POV but P.O.V., and it just means to look at things the way they see or imagine them.

This is a tingling sensation in response to auditory or visual stimuli and is a popular and effective tool for relaxation and sleep enhancement.

Another method of giving updates, though most Gen Zs say this when they are angry,.

No, it does not mean you should literally hit them; it means calling or texting back.

This happens when you have overshared more than you ought to; you are definitely giving too much information.

It’s a way of telling you that you are among the cool kids because you know the vibes! Though it started with the millenials, the Gen Zs have made it their own.

This is one of the popular abbreviations used by content creators. It just means outfit of the day.

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