Boity Thulo escapes being duped



Boity Thulo has once again escaped being duped by a scammer.

Tweeps have come to the star’s rescue as they expose the fraudster.

Boity’s good heart has been taken for granted as a Twitter user asked for assistance.

According to the tweet, the user asked if the star could help his younger brother with a school shoe size 6 for boys.

Hey Boity, can you please help my young brother with a school shoe size 6 for boys. He was nothing to wear when going to school,” a Twitter user asked.

Responding to this, Boity quickly offered her assistance to the person.
However many of Boity’s fans quickly came through for her exposing the tweep for the scam that he is.
Many shared their private DMs showing Boity their conversations with the same Twitter account asking for the same help.


Boity However seemed calm about the situation, she said what matters is the intention to assist.



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