Vic Mensa thinks Nadia should open a Chesa Nyama in America



Vic Mensa is really loving his stay in South Africa as he spends more time with bae, Nadia Nakai.

The American rapper decided to share his opinion as he thinks Nadia would make a lot of money if she opened a chesa nyama (open fire and meat restaurant) in America.

Vic made this known in a podcast interview.

In his words, he has been enjoying the food here and he’s been going to a lot of chesa nyama outlets with Nadia and he wants to take a bit of Mzansi back home with him.

He has an idea for Nadia to open one in the US and thinks it will be very successful.

“I seem to find it wherever I go. I was trying to tell Nadia she needs to come open a Chesa Nyama in America. I really feel that it would be successful in America,” said Vic.

The rapper says that Americans love meat and that’s why he thinks that it would do well.



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