4 reasons why running might be bad for you



While running is usually recommended as a form of exercise, these are things you should know about it.

It also confers a longer life span. It strengthens your heart and reduces the chance of heart disease. There is a runner’s high associated with running.

People who form the habit of running want to continue because it gets addictive. Running also improves your mood, but it also has a lot of downsides.

Here’s a list of them below:

When you are running the part of your body you get to exercise is your lower body. What happens is that your upper body is weaker and then your lower body is strong.

Almost everyone who runs can testify of being injured at least once. Before you begin an exercise regime make sure that you are healthy enough and you do not have pre-existing health conditions like heart complications, asthma or issues with your balance and endurance.

If you run too often there is a chance of your knees getting weaker. It’s called patellofemoral pain. It affects your knee cap. The pain goes after a while if you stop exercising.

Runners can testify of body pains. They have muscle strains, misalignment in their hips and pelvis and pulled muscles. You should rest if that happens to you. Take a break from running.

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