4 milestones you should look forward to as an entrepreneur



Running a business requires you to be determined and to not give up.

It’s a difficult undertaking, and sometimes you end up questioning whether or not you’re on the right path at all.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of milestones that every entrepreneur should look forward to no matter how hard things get.

1. Your first sale to complete stranger

When you’re first starting out your business, your initial customers are going to be your family and friends who would support you no matter what your product was. The first time that you sell to complete stranger (the first time that someone buys your product because of your efforts) is an important milestone to look forward to in the early stages of a business.

2. A successful Ad campaign

Once your product is ready to go market, you need to convince people to use it at all. That usually means being creative and coming up with a marketing campaign or two to make that splash that your business needs. Sponsoring your ads is a great way for companies that aren’t too well established to get their names out there.

3. Your first bad review

We’ve added this milestone because at any point in time, there is a business that has its customers complaining about it. Bad reviews aren’t something that you should take personally even though they can hurt. Instead, let them be motivation to you to do better.

4. Your first testimonial

Sometimes when people use a product or service that they really like, they’ll make sure that everyone else knows how good that product or service is. Getting your first testimonial is a big deal for any just starting out on the entrepreneurship journey. Not only does it feel good, but by vouching for you, they draw other people to your business as well.

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