6 most annoying natural hair struggles



There are hair struggles, and then there are natural hair struggles.

And make no mistake the both struggles are in entirely different categories. As a matter of fact natural hair put the “struggles” in hair struggles.

If you’re a naturalista then you most likely have learnt to live with the paint points on this list.

Hey, guys this is XXXX and welcome to my channel.” This intro can be a source of pain. The owner of the channel starts with steps that look simple enough. You begin it with enthusiasm and the outcome is not what you expected it to be at all.

So many products come with so many promises. They tell you that they make your hair softer, longer, gives it more sheen, or makes it curly. If you are not careful, you would keep buying these products and end up unimpressed and disappointed.

Getting frustrated with your hair and a breakup almost always coincide. You might also be feeling like your hair isn’t growing and you want to start afresh.

You want to make your hair and then you check Pinterest for pictures or videos. It looks great only not on you. You stare at the mirror at wonder how you are going to walk the street looking like that

5. Headaches from high puffs

High puffs on natural hair always looks effortlessly fabulous. But make no mistake, your skull will feel all the effort you put into it and it will translate that effort into a headache. And maybe even routine migraines.

6. Expensive products

And then there is the expensive hole natural hair products cost will drill in your pocket. You can DIY it but you will most likely end up with raw egg with a side of banana flakes in your hair.