8 important traits of healthy intimate relationships



Intimacy, a bond, and a connection that travels beyond the physical and spiritual realms.

Only when you find all aspects of intimacy in one person, then can you call the person you love.

A healthy intimate relationship is like lasagne, in the common term. It’s got layers. A one-layer lasagne is not a lasagne, it’s just…pasta.

So it is an intimate relationship. Having trouble to have intimacy in one aspect often reflects the problem in another. Everything falls into places when peace is found in various aspects combined.

Creative intimacy takes us to the pool of infinity wonders and ideas where we blossom together and light up new ideas as we bring out the best in each other’s brain.

1. You get jealous but you trust each other

Getting jealous and getting suspicious of your partner are two opposite things. It’s okay to be jealous when your partner wants to stay over at a colleague’s place for the night to finish work. Jealousy, to a good extent, is a sign of a healthy intimate relationship because you care about the other person and make the effort to lay out ground rules to make things clear. Suspicion, however, is a sign of mistrust and that is not healthy.

2. When one aspect of intimacy is missing, you try to compensate it with another

When your partner is feeling blue and doesn’t feel like talking, the level of emotional intimacy drops. Don’t sit this one out, keep it going by compensating this with more physical intimacy such as hugging and cuddling. You can’t have physical and emotional intimacy 50-50 of the time. Sometimes it’s 30-70, sometimes it’s 80-20. Learn to adapt and adjust so your overall intimacy level doesn’t drop.

3. You continue to inspire each other

A healthy intimate relationship takes you further down the road. You feel fresh and new and always have a bucket of notions to put forward. Being intellectually stimulated is proof of a healthy relationship. You tend to have more time to brainstorm new ideas when you aren’t busy fixing and worrying about your own relationship.

4. You work on to keep the temporary attraction going

Physical attraction is only temporary, sad but true. As mentioned before, physical intimacy is also part of the puzzle to complete the healthy relationship circle. Give your best to stay sharp, be as attractive as you want the world to see you when he first laid eyes on you.

5. You know when to make compromises

There are times you know you just need to shut up and there’re times you need to stand your ground. Your partner holds a strong view of living in the suburb whereas you don’t care too much. Make that compromise for him as long as your city dream isn’t something that floods your dream every night.

6. You know to steer away from all the lures

Love doesn’t skyrocket from one aspect of intimacy. You see someone and you find that person attractive doesn’t mean you immediately want to spend the rest of your life together. Things accumulate and escalate. Your brain will tell you when something bad might happen so you would know when to stop. People in a healthy relationship know when to stop things from escalating to the point of no return.

7. You care about each other’s well-being in all aspects

Taking care of each other’s needs and wants nourishes intimacy. Keep the mind stimulated and the heart beating fast. A truly healthy relationship is all-rounded, not one side less.

8. You encourage your partner to share a certain level of intimacy with others

Some intimacies are meant to be shared, such as emotional, creative and intellectual ones. Encourage your partner to share views with the like-minded fellas. Sharing the same intimacy with others improve your intimacy by bringing it up to the next level as you learn to improve yours with others.