6 stereotypical guys you’ll date in your 20s



When you’re twenty-something, you’re carefree and not really looking for anything serious.

Dating in your 20s can be confusing and complicated. Where is your relationship headed? Should you just go with the flow?

Do you enjoy the relationship while it lasts or worry about your future? It’s also the age when you really see what the world has to offer.

Here are six stereotypical guys you’ll date in your 20s. How many can you identify with?

1. The guy in the friend zone

You’ve been friends for a while. You met him either at school or college and could talk for hours about anything. You realize that maybe you’re blocking out a relationship that could be really great. After a few weeks though, it just starts to feel weird. Unfortunately, this will be one awkward breakup and an even more awkward friendship.

2. The indecisive guy

This guy is confused and can’t make up his mind. He loves you one minute and ignores you the next. He wants to be in a relationship but is not sure he is ready. He is committed sometimes but not others. He’s the guy who introduces you to his family as a friend but then asks you to move in with him. He can’t make up his mind about you, but you can make up yours and move on.

3. The bad boy

When you are still naive enough to think that you can change someone, you find a bad boy to work your magic. For some reason, we’re all attracted to the guy who drinks or smokes too much — or has some other bad habit that you don’t approve of. The reality? He’s not going to change for you, especially when he effortlessly gets any girl he wants. You’re not the girl who’s gonna make him fall in love.

4. The older man

You are in your 20s, and he is in his mid-30s. You’re dating, because you need someone more mature. He’s dependable and calls when he says he will. And usually, he knows what he wants in a relationship. He seems like a real adult until the novelty wears off. He is very similar to every other guy you have dated, and you start to wonder why he doesn’t (or can’t) date a woman his own age.

5. The serial dater

A serial dater has a LOT of ex-girlfriends. You don’t really see a future with this guy, because he’s had five relationships in the past six months. He will never know much about you, because he doesn’t give you his full attention. You see each other from time to time, but you never have to call him. It’s the best of both worlds… while it lasts.

6. Mama’s boy

A mama’s boy never outgrew his special bond with his mother. It seems sweet until he’s constantly comparing you to her. He’ll never make a decision without calling her first. If you’re dating this kind of guy, ask him what the hell is wrong with making a decision on his own — or leave him.

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