Mzansi reacts to Black Coffee’s R65k monthly maintenance fee paid to Enhle Mbali


South Africans are shocked at Black Coffee’s revelation on paying Enhle Mbali 65k monthly maintenance fee.

On Tuesday, the international DJ slams the actress for calling him out due to no electricity in her house.

Enhle shared a video of herself with their 2 sons surviving with the use of a candle.

Reacting to the actress’ claim, the DJ says he pays for the children’s school fees, household upkeep and also gives her a monthly fee of 65k for maintenance.

“I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I take care of all the kids and their school needs. On top of the all this from November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids. After our separation I got you a fully paid car in your name,” he tweeted.

Afterwards, the DJ urged her to hence, take care of the bills.

South Africans who have been supporting and empathizing with Enhle suddenly drifted to Coffee’s side due to the ‘huge’ amount he gives her monthly, despite knowing that she works.

Check out reactions below:

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