6 wrong reasons to be in a relationship



People fall in love for so many wrong reasons and they have no clue about how fake their love is.

One question people fail to ask themselves is “would I still love this man/woman if he/she didn’t possess this or that?” If this question is asked before marrying someone, divorce rate would be extremely low.

Well, we’ll give you six wrong reasons that would make you fall in love. And note, these are real life principles; it doesn’t end by just reading them.

1. Beauty

When you fall in love just because someone is beautiful then that’s a sign that you are falling for the wrong reason. Beauty is just a side attraction; it shouldn’t be a priority for falling in love. Beauty is something that can fade off.

2. Wealth

This is normal, it is everywhere; women are attracted to men with wealth, the richer a man, the more women get attracted to him. It’s every woman’s dream to get married to a rich man; so many jump at that chance without knowing. Men are also not left out as so many men these days marry for money. We have seen cases of multi-millionaires go bankrupt. So if that’s the case in your relationship, do you then fall out of love?

3. Loneliness

Yea, this is one very weird reason people fall in love. They are afraid of being lonely; especially when they see that their friends are in relationships. Females are the one that are mostly culpable of this act. It’s just like you are faking up love to deceive yourself with the illusion that you are in love. Relationships like this only have one outcome- break-up.

4. Physique

This is mostly done by guys, they get carried away by a lady’s physique that they term their feelings love. A lady with a good physique can be very attractive really but a love borne out of being attracted to mere physical attribute is one of short sightedness and would most definitely not last.

5. Pressure to marry and have kids

Due to this pressure, the mind-set becomes susceptible to fall for the next guy or woman that shows up and all of a sudden talks of love is all over the place and wedding bells is the next thing. We should be careful what we pressure our minds with because our minds can fill our head with that illusion which we so desire to live in.

6. Caught up in the moment

Moments can lead to so many things and we think we are in love all of a sudden. Almost every one of us have had relationships which we entered just because we were caught up in the moment and only realise that we made a mistake when we are already in that relationship. Moments can be crazy; never confuse those moments for love.

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