Nelli’s father on AKA and his daughter’s relationship – “I know there were many issues between them”



Moses Tembe opened up about the relationship between AKA and his daughter, Anele Nelli Tembe.

Nelli’s father tried not to say much about their relationship after videos and photos revealing the toxicity in the relationship went viral.

Moses said Nelli’s sisters will know better than him, though’ he’s aware of the issues they had, but he’s trying to stay off media.

According to IOL, Moses said: “As a father, who is also a traditionalist, I would refrain from getting involved in issues involving a girlfriend and a boyfriend, people who were not yet married,”

“You know, I cannot get myself involved with people who are still dating. But I know there were many issues between them, but most of those my daughter would rather share with her sisters.”
On the other hand, AKA has withdrawn back to his shell till reports of him assaulting his late fiancée gets settled, as he’s willing to tell his side of story, but not now, as he’s healing.
Nelli was assumed to have committed suicide on the 12th of April, as she reportedly fell from a tall building where she lodged.
However, videos recently surfacing on social media says a lot.
Moses has also refuted claims that his daughter was suicidal.

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