Black Coffee is never to be messed with – Here’s what he did



Black Coffee was again proves to be street smart and he’s sent a stinging warning to trolls who are set to hit him.

The international DJ trended all weekend, after a Twitter user with the name Dj Somagwaza tried mocking him using the electricity issue with his former wife, Enhle Mbali.

The DJ shared a video of himself performing to a large crowd on Twitter and the troll commented.

“Did you manage to buy electricity for your wife or should I intervene?”

Black Coffee replied by resurfacing DJ Somagwaza’s old tweet, where he lamented on the expensive price of Oreo’s cookies.

The DJ said if the troll couldn’t afford a cookie, how much more his former wife’s electricity.

“Uthini na somagwaza,you wanna intervene? This you?” Coffee asked.

Some tweeps said DJ Black Coffee was poverty-shaming, but many claimed it deserves the troll right; as he refused minding his business by disrespecting the SA star.



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