4 ways your phone is running your skin



I know your phone is very important to you but do you know it could ruin your skin?

We all want our skin to look good and it’s important you know the ways your phone can ruin your skin.

Below are 4 ways your phone can ruin your skin

1. Dark under-eye circles

If your phone keeps you up at night, you are prone to getting dark under-eye circles. Not getting enough sleep ruins your skin as it makes it dull. So avoid making those long cheap calls at night and get some rest.

2. Wrinkles

You can get premature wrinkles around your eye through phone use if you are constantly squinting to read the tiny text on your screen.

3. Heat from the phone isn’t good for your skin

After long use, you would observe your phone overheats and the added heat can affect your melanin production and this could create dark spots that are really hard to erase.

4. Acne and rashes

You don’t want acne and rashes on your skin as it messes your skin. Your phone can ruin your skin as it gets dirty and carries germs with it, which causes acne and rashes.

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