7 major mistake men make when approaching women



Getting turned down after you’ve summon the courage to walk up to a total stranger because she looks good or appealing can be demoralizing and embarrassing.

Other than the unrest and nervous reactions, the feeling of rejection often kills the confidence you have in ourselves and makes you feel like you’re of a lower status or less worthy.

But just as you know, not every guy who approaches a woman gets rejected. Why? Because they know what to do and what to avoid.

Here are 7 major mistake men make when approaching women.

1. Forgetting a woman’s comfort zone

It is important for men to realize that most women will be on their guard when they first approach them.

2. Trying to fool women

Women know that men are trying to pick them up, so they shouldn’t beat around the bush. Men should be direct and let them know exactly what they want. By doing so, they’ll come across as a confident and straightforward man.

3. Approaching without a plan

Some people can improvise successfully, but regardless of the case, having a plan always helps.

4. Acting like a pervert

Many men keep sabotaging any good chances they have by keeping their eyes aimed down at a woman’s breasts. Instead, they should keep their eyes locked onto hers.

5. Not closing the deal

Sometimes, a man puts so much effort into approaching a woman (sales pitch) that he forgets to ask for a date or a phone number (close the deal).

6. Burning bridges

Just because she doesn’t sound interested, doesn’t mean a guy has to insult her. She might be having a bad day.

7. Thinking it’s a marriage proposal

As some men get nervous when talking to women, they act like they’re about to delve into a marriage proposal where their whole life depends on this one woman’s decision. By acting in such a way, they come across as desperate.

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