6 tips on how to restart your healthy eating habit



You have probably fallen short of your healthy eating habits again and you don’t remember the last time you followed your sacred diet or worked out.

It has been months since and the guilt is killing you, you don’t know where to start or what to do and you are probably thinking of just letting yourself go.

Well not to worry, all is not lost. There is always room to improve and start over and here are some tips to help you get back on the healthy eating band wagon:

1. Give yourself a break

Just because you relapsed it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road for you. Dieting is not easy considering all the sweet foods and temptations you have to deal with day by day. Take it easy and understand everything is going to be fine.

2. Understand why you need this

Before setting out on any journey or plan, you always have a reason. Think about the reason why you started dieting in the first place and why you need to continue. Was it a health reason or were you losing weight? Once you have this in place, moving forward won’t be as taxing.

3. Make a plan

Have a written down plan on how you want to move forward with your diet. Assess your previous diet plan and focus on the loopholes, why did it fail and what can you change? Ensure your diet plan is flexible and suitable to your immediate lifestyle.

4. Have a meal schedule

Having a diet plan without a proper eating schedule is planning to fail. Just because you are on an eating diet doesn’t mean you should starve. Pack your meal plan with healthy snacks like fruits and juice to fill in on the time you are not having major meals.

5. Understand your triggers

Of course you know the reasons why you are always falling off the healthy eating bandwagon. Is it your friends? Your family or work place, understand why you are always ruining your diet plan and do something about it.

6. Do not deprive yourself of sweet foods

Not unless you are on a vegan diet, you should not deprive yourself from meat and other foods. Having a diet plan doesn’t mean perfection but aiming for progress. Once in a while eat something sweet to keep you motivated and not enslaved to your diet.

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