South Africa returns to Lockdown Level 2



President Cyril Ramaphosa returns the nation back to alert level 2 as a third wave of COVID-19 has been foreseen.

Gauteng, Northern Cape, North West and the Free State are on the third wave; in other to curb the spread, the nation has been ordered to return to lockdown level 2 from level 1.

The number of indoor gatherings will be capped at 100 people, while for outdoor the maximum number is 250. However, where the venue is small, the people should not exceed 50% of the venue’s capacity.

The President said the curfew time has been changed to 11pm to 4am and establishment such restaurants will have to closed at 10 pm.

Cyril didn’t state anything about banning alcohol, but he gave reports on the rolling out of vaccines.

“Our reliance on the Pfizer vaccine, for now, has affected the pace at which we can open vaccination sites.

“Due to the properties of the Pfizer vaccine which requires an ultra-cold supply chain, the inclusion of smaller sites and sites in more rural areas is limited.”

“It is important that we allow healthcare workers and those above the age of 60 to be vaccinated first, as they are most at risk of severe illness or hospitalisation.”

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