3 business ideas you can explore on campus



Can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t be interested in making some extra cash on the side, unless of course you’re allergic to money.

That being said, we know that it can be tough finding an idea that’s actually going to earn you some income, which is why we’ve put together some suggestions.

Listed below are 3 business ideas you can explore on campus.

1. Freelance graphic design

If you’re looking to pick up a new skill and make some cash along the way, then freelance graphic design is definitely an option that you should spend some time considering. There are several resources on the internet to get you started (, you’re welcome!) and there’s no shortage of small businesses on Instagram that need some graphic design work.

2. Make-Up Artistry

If you’re so good at doing your own make-up that you’re your friends go to, then there’s obviously an opportunity that you’re letting yourself miss out on. Start small within within your circle and charge for your face beat jobs, and you’re on the first step to what could be a decent side-hustle.

3. A cook

On campus especially, you would be surprised at how many people can’t put together their own meals. You would also be surprised to learn that those people would be willing to pay for a big bowl of stew that they could eat for a while. If you can cook and you’re good at it, why not turn it into some cash coming in.

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