3 ways to make your friends with benefits relationship standout



Friends with benefits has become a house hold name on the lips of many young people who are not ready to commit in relationships.

It’s fun, cute and beautiful when there’s no unnecessary pressure from each other.

In as much as it’s exciting from the beginning, the end can be disastrous causing you to lose the friendship and the benefits as well if not handled right.

In this very write up, we’ll discuss some ‘Do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ to make your friends with benefits relationship exciting.

1. Don’t involve feelings

As we all know, most FWB situations start with being friends and later move to an erotic stage. The moment you start your romantic things; the kissing, caressing and all that, you may start to catch feelings for the person but you need to stay on guard. Take feelings and emotions out because majority of the time, someone catches feelings and that’s why FWB usually don’t end on a good note.

2. Set some rules

I know this may sound funny but y’all have to agree on some tips and simple rules like, not going through each other’s phones, not answering each other’s calls, not speaking about other partners and others. From experience, I think this will make the relationship very fun and light because it’s strictly you and your friend enjoying yourselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

3. Communicate

No matter how hard you try to make Friends With Benefits stay like that, sometimes one person starts to catch feelings. If this is about to happen, just come clean and talk to your partner about it. Maybe they are also feeing that way as well and it may move to the next stage but if you habour the feelings in your heart thinking it’ll stop with time, you’ll end up destroying the beautiful cruise you were catching and you’ll lose both your friend and the benefits.

These three major keys might help in your Friends With Benefits relationship. Have fun and stay safe out there.