Rea Gopane on still pushing Bonang Matheba’s buttons



Podcaster Rea Gopane has once again taken to his social media to say that he’s still going to talk about Bonang if she keeps tweeting about him.

Few weeks ago, the host was the most talked about after he made some nasty comments about Bonang Matheba on his Podcast.

Reacting to this, Bonang took legal actions against Rea asking him to pay her R500 000 in damages for defamation and is not giving up until she gets it.

Rea on the other hand released a public apology but looks like he isn’t backing out yet.

Rea Gopane is still pushing Bonang’s buttons.

The young podcaster wrote a cryptic tweet about how he is going to keep at it if Bonang keeps tweeting about him.

The tweet has since been deleted but he said: “If she tweets about me again, I’m violating.”

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