J Something encourages fans with touching story about his music career



J Something took to his social media to reflect how his interest in music started from a tender age.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared pictures of himself when he was a kid stating he grew up loving music.

In his words, he always sing to people in the house so as to entertain them and his mother always advice him saying “Anything is possible meu filho (my son)”.

“Growing up I loved music. I was always singing and trying to entertain people in the house. Sometimes even charging them to hear me sing … hustler from a young age you know. What does stand out for me though was how my mother always put up with me and gave me her attention as I sang over some Bee Gees backtrack. Her advice to me as a kid was that “Anything is possible meu filho (my son) …”

J Something stated that his pictures inspired him like never before and he is happy to have gone through the right path.

He also went ahead to encourage his fans as he tells them that nothing is impossible.

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