“I’m not scared of anyone,” says Prince Kaybee after calling Busta 929 a liar



Prince Kaybee has been the only major celebrity to call out Bust 929 over saga with 14-year-old girl that went viral on Thursday morning.

After the video of Busta with the teenager went viral on social media, Kaybee called out all DJs to be more careful.

“Remember young girls see hanging out with celebrities as cool, whats unfortunate is that celebrities are stakeholders of the rape culture and taking advantage of young women, Dj’s especially. So in this case I guess Busta 929 is a fave so no one cares,” Kaybee said.

On Thursday afternoon, the amapiano DJ released an official statement that he didn’t take advantage of the girl, as she picked the girl up after showing interest in working with him. He also said that the girl was with him and a few others for 2 days, recording songs. He said that she just took her bath that’s why she’s in a towel as seen in the video.

Lots of South Africans faulted the official statement, and Kaybee was bold enough to mock Busta lies.

“O buwa Masepa…” the house DJ reacts to the statement.

Prince Kaybee was called out for claiming Busta lied, as he’s also been involved in social media drama after caught cheating on his girlfriend, Zola.

In defending himself, the House music producer said anyone should feel free to confront him over ugly issues, as he’s not scared of anyone.

“I’m not scared of anyone, and I don’t want people to be scared of me. During my cheating scandal what I picked up is there was more talk about my Dick than the real issue, people must call me out too but not make light of it because there’s a Dick pic…….”

“So when it comes to taking sides I don’t remember any issue about kids being taken advantage of that I haven’t had an opinion about. Maybe there is and I ddnt know about it,” he added.

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