Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ takes a break (Video)



Trevor Noah have taken to social media to announce that his show, “The Daily Show” will be taking a short break while they figure out how to create a new “in-person” Daily Show experience in the near future.

The comedian shared the video on his Twitter as he makes it official saying it was necessary for him and his team to figure out a way to recreate the show to fit the new normal.

“You may have heard and you may have not heard that The Daily Show is gonna be taking a break over the summer,” Trevor announced.

In his words, Trevor stated that he will not want his viewers to worry much due to the break as he will be uploading fresh content on all social media platforms.

“In the meantime, there’ll still be things happening on the The Daily Show feeds online. New videos, new posts, everything Facebook, YouTube, Snap Chat and TikTok. We gonna be doing all of that stuff and you can follow us on all our social platforms to see what is  happening. But as for me, from the TV show side of things, we are going to be taking a little break. Why? Well, because it’s time to get outside.” Trevor said.

Watch the full video below:


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