Criselda Kananda gets candid about the difficulties of changing her surname after her divorce



Criselda Kananda has taken to her social media to weigh in on the issue of divorce.

The star revealed a lot has to be done in marriage counselling to understand each other in a relationship.

In her post, she shared how difficult it was for her to change her surname after her divorce.

Criselda said the process of changing your surname was a “sad” and “painful” one, once you’ve said “I Do”.

“It’s a painful process and sadly you do this all by yourself once you’ve said ‘I Do’. There’s no clarity in the expected doing,” she said.

Criselda said the process is a lot as she advices her daughter who might not want to change her surname after marriage, saying she has her blessings.

“Dear daughter, if you don’t want to change your surname after marriage. I completely understand, you have my 100% okay and blessing because, hey, it’s a lot,” she said, thanking the department of home affairs in Centurion for its “professionalism under strenuous circumstances”.

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