Shona Ferguson speaks on surviving insults in the film industry



Shona Ferguson who is one of the biggest actor in the South African film industry was once treated like thrash.

Taking to social media, the movie producer penned down how some persons told him he will never make it in the industry.

The actor said the purpose of his testimony is to encourage someone who will read it..

“A moment of reflection: 17 years ago a Hollywood producer asked me if I had a back up plan. I was obviously shattered because I had just done multiple takes of an audition. He continued to say… “You don’t have what it takes.” An agent told me it wasn’t going to be easy to get me jobs because I didn’t have the right “look”. A veteran actor, loved & respected by millions told me I am not memorable & so did lot of producers. Many actors criticized me & made bets I would never make it in this industry. In 2010, I eavesdropped on a couple of fellow actors saying I was overrated & didn’t have real talent. The insults got personal.”

“I don’t hold grudges the same way I don’t listen to anybody’s opinion, about my life. I’ve given most of these folks, agencies & naysayers work opportunities regardless. Some are on my payroll & some would rather starve than work for me & that’s OK. I’m NOT for everyone & not everyone is for me,” he said.

Shona also spoke about the period in his life when he was poor.

“There was a time in my life I couldn’t afford toothpaste & I brushed my teeth with sunlight bar soap. Had bogobe le cabbage for years coz I couldn’t afford meat. We were so broke we couldn’t afford paraffin for lamps. We didn’t have much but GOD was with us. We prayed day & night. To this day, the prayers haven’t stopped. Thank you MOM and DAD. THANK YOU JESUS,” he revealed.

Speaking of failures, the actor made it known that he learns from them rather than allow failures pull him down.

“I learn more from my failures than I do from my successes. With every level of success comes new devils so you can never stop praying & feeding your soul with positivity, love & gratitude.”


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