Somizi Mhlongo weighs in on parents to teach their children their mother’s tongue (Video)



Somizi Mhlongo took to social media to encourage parents to teach their children their mother tongue.

In the video he made, the media personality weigh in on children learning their language.

In his words, he state that there is nothing wrong with their kids speaking English but it is very important for these same kids know their mother’s tongue.

“There is nothing wrong with your kids speaking English and going to English schools but I don’t think parents realise the kind of damage or missed opportunity they are depriving their children [of], and the power and wealth in knowing your mother tongue.

Somizi recounted how he had spoken in vernac to some children, who were unable to respond because they did not understand the language fully.

He said it should be a child’s decision not to speak in their mother tongue, and not their parents’.

“You speaking and making them know their mother tongue would not take anything away. But, you not speaking to them in their mother tongue will take something away from them. I cringe!” he said.

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