The Fergusons to launch film school soon



The Fergusons have finally decided to launch a film school for those who want to pursue a career in the arts.

Ferguson Film School is all about teaching students the ins and outs of media production and other unique skills

Taking to Twitter, Shona shared the news saying: “Building a sustainable film industry is a constant vision we are working towards. We are committed to raising future film industry leaders and The Ferguson Foundation intends to be the ladder that offers a step up for our communities.”

Shona wants to make sure that he does his part to make sure that the film industry is in good hands going forward.

He’s proud to be doing this and it’s all thanks to the Ferguson Foundation.

The television producer went on to say: “The Ferguson Film School will be the bridge between aspiring film players and the opportunity to make those dreams a reality through equipping, educating and creating networks.” 

See tweet below:



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