When burdens, responsibilities and marital blues catch up with you and your partner, your sex life can get very mundane.

Sex and passion are equally important in a relationship compared to emotional feelings. This can cause severe unhappiness and rifts within your marriage, which can be irreparable, to a certain point.

But it’s never too late to revive the passion in a marriage. Hence, here are some signs to help you identify if your marriage is lacking passion lately.

1. It’s just not about sex

Sexual intercourse isn’t just passion. Kissing, touching, foreplay are also essential parts of sex. Without these, it’s just plain sex. There’s no heightened sense of pleasure. Even if you and your partner have sex but do not kiss, cuddle or hug romantically, there’s no passion in the marriage.

2. Spending time apart

If you and your partner spend too much time apart by going on work trips or being occupied with kids, the passion starts to lessen. However, if you still feel excited to see your spouse after you’re back home, there are hints of passion still left. But if there’s no excitement or feelings whatsoever, then it’s evident that your marriage needs work.

3. No longer sharing information

Not sharing your financial goals with your spouse is a sign you’re no longer interested in your spouse. Sharing significant goals and ambitions with your partner means there is excitement and expectations from the relationship. This is a sign you both no longer want to invest in the relationship.

4. No communication

If you and your spouse don’t communicate with each other about your feelings, it should be obvious that you both no longer share a passionate sex life anymore. This not only accounts for a bland physical relationship but an emotional one as well. The unspoken rule of marriage is without communication, no marriage can thrive.

5. No expectations

Expectations are among the most important pillars of marriage. Without a strong connection, it’s impossible to expect from your spouse. And if you have unintentionally stopped doing that, your marriage isn’t doing well. If there’s no emotional connection, passion and sex will also take a backseat in the marriage.