Mzansi man shares his story as he obtains qualification in Accountancy



A young Mzansi man have decided to share his story to the world as he obtains qualification in Accountancy and graduated for Internal Auditing.

The man stated he was someone who did not do well in school but he is grateful to be doing well now.

He said he has always been told to be a slow learner when he as a child when all his friend excels and gets many awards.

It was a difficult stage in his life as he was even advised to drop out when he was not doing well.

“For someone who didn’t do well in school. I’m doing very well. I have been told I am slow leaner as a child when all my friends were excelling and getting the awards. I was forced to re-do some modules for the second time because I wasn’t smart enough and my english was very horrible. I used to ask my classmates to assist but instead they said I should consider changing the course I was studying. They even suggested I must drop out.”

He continued saying he never believed in himself because he grew up knowing he wasn’t smart as he found it very hard to learn and understand his academics.

“So those who have failed. Never get discouraged- I never believed I can make it , I never believed in myself because I grew up knowing I wasn’t smart enough. When other people were studying I found it hard to learn and understand my academics.”

Well, man is doing very well now as he has obtained qualification in Accountancy and yesterday graduated for Internal Auditing because he chose to believe in myself.

“But look at me now. I have obtained my qualification in Accountancy and yesterday I graduated for Internal Auditing . Because I choose to believe in myself. I’m currently enrolling Advanced diploma in Internal Auditing because my aim is to become a certified internal Auditor soon.”

He concluded as he thanked his friends and family for supporting him and never gave up on him.

“Most importantly, I would love to take this time to thank my family, friends, study mates for always giving me the necessary support. Last but not least, I would like thank God for everything. All thanks and praises are due unto him alone. I wouldn’t have made it without him.”Polelo Maruping