Kefilwe Mabote finally break silence



Kefilwe Mabote has finally broken her silence as she took to her Instagram story to write her heartfelt message.

The star has been away from Instagram for like a week now and it looks like she is ready to face anything at hand.

The Digital influencer shared an old ID copy of her mother and hers – they look very much alike – and opened up about the grief of her mother’s untimely passing.

“Days aren’t the same. They do say grief is an ongoing process. I just never thought it would hit like this months after my mother’s passing.” she shared.

“I miss her so much these days. I found these old IDs of her and mine in an old bag of hers she used to put our certificates, ID Copies and old photos. She was a very organized woman.”

Kefilwe apologized to her followers for being away from social media for so long and added that she needs time away from everyone to heal.

“Apologies for being quiet, but I need time out from social media for a bit. I acted strong whilst I was dying inside from the sadness of how much I miss her.”

She also needs a bit of time to deal with everything that is happening in her life.

“There’s a lot happening in my life, which need my devout attention. Our memories keep me going. Always love you, mom.”

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