4 easy ways to make lips look bigger



A pair of fuller, plumper lips is seen as a sign of health and beauty in most societies. With that in mind, there’s little wonder it is such a sought-after trait!
While true lip size is ultimately determined by genetic factors, there are many avenues for one to explore if she’s looking for a greater lustre to her lips.
Though surgery is the only proven way of significantly increasing their size, there are many paths you can take towards improving the look and fullness of your pout naturally.
Before too long, you’ll be well on your way towards a more gorgeously radiant set of !

1. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

Most often, the first place you should turn to when looking for answers is a good homemade solution; in the case of skin and lip care, there’s nowhere better to start than with exfoliation. Like the rest of your body and face, your lips build up dead skin particles; these reflect less light than the rest of your lips, and may have the effect of making your lips look smaller. Using a toothbrush and lightly scrubbing in small, circular motions for two minutes will remove the excess skin matter, leaving your lips looking brighter, and feeling softer.

  • Refrain from using anything more abrasive than a toothbrush for this kind of exfoliation. Lips don’t hold up well to a body loofah!
  • You can exfoliate your lips as often as every other day. Just make sure you follow up with a lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

2. Apply a DIY exfoliating mix

If you’re looking for a perfect, simple homemade exfoliator for your lips, a basic mixture of brown sugar and honey is just the thing for adding radiance and moisture. First, get a teaspoon of brown sugar, then proceed to slowly add the honey until there is enough to make a thick paste. Once this easy mixture is prepared, dab it with a washcloth and rub your lips in a gentle, circular motion. The grainy texture of the sugar will scrub away the dead flakes, and the beneficial chemical properties of the ingredients will give your lips a more radiant shine.

  • Coconut and olive oil work in the place of honey for this mixture, if you have a supply or preference favouring one over the other.
  • Apply some unscented lip balm after you’ve cleaned off the paste. This will help immediately soften your lips post-exfoliation.

3. Try a baking soda mix

If you’re looking for another DIY exfoliator to work with, try adding a small amount of water to a teaspoon of baking soda. Baking soda ranks among the most versatile home ingredients out there, and its benefits can be geared to apply to lip care as well. Making and using a baking soda mix follows a similar method to the coconut oil:

  • First, add enough water that the baking soda becomes a thick paste, much like a brown sugar exfoliator.
  • Once complete, dab the solution with a washcloth or your finger, and spread over your lips. This will soften to lips and get rid of any dead skin that may have built up.

4. Rub some cinnamon on your lips

Beyond its granular texture (which helps to exfoliate in much the same manner as brown sugar) cinnamon has chemical properties that stimulate blood flow, making your lips naturally fuller. Keep in mind, however, that cinnamon’s spicy properties will agitate any open sores, so it’s not recommended if you have any healing in progress around the lips and mouth. To follow through with this:

  • First put some Vaseline on your lips, and rub it around until it evenly covers your lips.
  • Next, apply some cinnamon to your lips; the Vaseline will make the cinnamon stick.
  • Rub the cinnamon around so that it has a chance to cover the entire surface of your lips, and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Afterwards, wipe it away with a damp washcloth. Following this, you’ll find your lips plumper, and looking more colourful than before.

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