3 reasons to exfoliate your lips



Lips like every other part of our bodies also need special care. Lips have a thinner layer compared to other parts of our body, they tend to lose moisture easily.

To avoid dry flaky lips, you can make it a duty to scrub your lips. It gives it a healthy look that can add beauty to you.

Below are reasons to scrub your lips:

1. Improves texture

As we grow older, skin and dead cells build up over time and our body is not able to get rid of the accumulated cells. This means you have to aid your body by occasionally scrubbing to get rid of those cells and encourage the renewal of new ones. When you scrub your lips once a week, it helps make it.

2. Enhances fashion products applicability

When you apply lipstick on chapped lips, it will turn out rough and will not sit well on the lips. To get flawless results, you need a smooth and even canvas to apply it on. To get it, exfoliate for a few minutes then follow up with a moisturizing balm or natural oil an hour or so before applying your lipstick or gloss. You will notice that your product applies smoothly and it will stay on longer.

3. Removes discolouration

If you neglect your lips and do not give it the required care and attention, chances are you will have pale discoloured lips with a darker border around the mouth, but by exfoliating, you will neutralize the discoloration and get rid of dark spots and impurities. This helps get rid of dead skin eventually fading out the darker areas. At times, black lips are evidence that your lips need exfoliating.

Your lips are screaming for attention!

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